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At nanoPHAB® you can count on a very wide range of micro and nano-fabrication services, from thin films and metal deposition to micro and nano-patterning including dry and wet etching of many types of dielectrics, metals and semiconductor used today in the electronics and photonics market.   



* Custom and cost-effective nano-fabrication for research and industry


Many materials as dielectrics, polymers, metals, silicon and III-V

  •   SiOx
  •   SiN
  •   AlOx
  •   E-beam resist   (ZEP, PMMAs, HSQ)
  •   Polymers   (BCB, PDMS, Polyamide)
  •   Photoresists   (HPRs, AZs)
  •   Metals   (Cr, Ni, Zn, Ge, Ti, Pt, Au, Ag, Al,...)
  •   III-V (GaAs, AlGaAs, InAs, InGaAs, InP,...)
  •   Si


Multiple fabrication services for all your needs

  • Epitaxial Growth of  III-V nano-Heterostructures and Nanowires (MBE,MOVPD) at 800 -1650 nm wavelength.
  • Dielectrics thin-film deposition and processing for Coatings, Hard Mask, Insulation, Gratings, Metasurfaces,...
  • Electron Beam and Optical Lithography with < 5 nm Resolution for micro- and nano-patterns definition.
  • Isotropic selective dry and wet etching for suspended devices as Photonic Crystals and MEMS.
  • Anisotropic plasma etching (ICP,RIE) for high aspect ratio Photonic Crystals, Metasurfaces, Gratings, WGs, ...
  • Metals (e-beam,thermal,sputtering) for Contacts, PlasmonicsRF and nW-mW electro-optical devices. 


Pure-play foundry so your IPs and ideas are protected 



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We can fabricate all kind of Metasurfaces and Plasmonics devices down to 50nm in size


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The choice is yours



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